The Thank You Mission… #3

Right then. Day 3.

The inspiration for today’s product was the unveiling earlier in the week of the 2012 Tour of Britain route. The week long romp around the British countryside is the biggest bike race on our soil, and attracts some genuine talent from overseas.

Last year’s race was won in style by Dutch rider Lars Boom. He held off a strong charge from the ‘home team’, Sky Pro- Cylcing that included a crash happy Gerraint Thomas  (The man who started this Thank You Mission nonsense). Myself and the BRC were lucky to catch the TOB flying towards KOM’s at Cheddar Gorge and Old Bristol Hill, as well as the dramatic finish into the town of Wells. Seeing the sickening speed at which the pro’s fly up your local climbs is a shock…although at least Thor Hushovd had the good grace to grimace as he surged past at a speed that suspended logic. 

Sadly for us Bristol based riders the closest stage to home this year is probably the finish at Caerphilly… Hopefully i’ll make the trip over the border and risk getting rained on in Wales.

Last years Tour of Britain was special for British fans because it saw the Devonshire rider John Locke take the King of the Mountains with (what looked like) ease, dancing away from his rivals (Including former king of the French mountains, Anthony Charteau) on the climbs.

Locke threw himself into the 2012 season determined to prove that his Tour of Britain form was no fluke, taking some very prestigious wins early in the year. His ride up the final climb of the Tour du Haut-Var is a hint at just how stylish a climber he is. Rumor has it that the big boys of the peloton (Gilbert and Voekler i think) were back at the team cars screaming at their DS’s to tell them ‘who the fuck’ (translate into french) this guy was. Eyebrows were raised…then lowered. Locke seems to be a clean, genuine talent.

That brings us nicely onto Soreen, the malty favorite of cyclists everywhere due to it’s high carb content. If like me you spend any time on the cycling forums you will come across a question about mid ride nutrition. Amongst all the fans of Zipvit and Torq, the people who swear by the almost magic properties of bananas as well as all manner of other foods, there will be a mention of Soreen. It is a staple of the British cycling scene, so well recognized that you can even get a Soreen bike jersey… if you are that way inclined…(novelty jerseys should be illegal!)

Soreen are one of the sponsors of the 2012  Tour of Britain and that’s why we are here, to say merci Soreen.

Just a quick note. Soreen seen to have a bit of a history with cycling. They sponsored/hosted a world record attempt in 2010 for “the greatest quantity of electricity generated by pedalling on static cycles for a period of 24 hours”. The volunteers at the Manchester Velodrome (home of some other less illustrious cyclists) smashed the record.


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